Dr. Axe’s Spicy Kale Chips Recipe

Total Time: 55 minutes  Serves: 2-4

1 bunch curly kale, washed and chopped, ribs removed
Indian Spice Dressing:
1 tablespoon almond butter
1 tablespoon melted coconut oil
zest of 1 orange
2 garlic cloves, pressed or minced
1 teaspoon garam masala
1/4 teaspoon cardamom
1/8 teaspoon cumin
OR Chipotle Spice Dressing:
1 tablespoon tahini
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2 garlic cloves, pressed or minced
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast
1 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon chipotle powder
1/2 teaspoon cayenne
1/4 teaspoon salt

Heat oven to 275 F. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.
In a small bowl, mix all the ingredients from your choice of dressing together until smooth.
In a large bowl, pour the dressing over the chopped kale. Massage the dressing into the kale so all parts are covered with dressing and the leaves turn a darker, shiny green.
Spread the kale evenly on the cookie sheets. Make sure the leaves aren’t overlapping. This prevents sogginess.
Bake the chips for 15 minutes and rotate the cookie sheets front to back and top to bottom.
Bake for another 15 minutes and check for crispness. If the chips aren’t crisp yet, rotate the cookie sheets again and bake for 5-10 minutes more.
Allow the chips to cool for about 5 minutes on the cookie sheets, and then enjoy.


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