Raw Brownies by Kristi Richard

Raw Brownies
1 c walnuts ( I use a mixture of walnuts and pecans for a more “buttery” flavor)
1 c dates ( I used pitted medjool dates)
1/3 c cacao powder ( use more or less depending on how dark you like your chocolate)
pinch sea salt (optional)
dash vanilla extract (optional)
Place above ingredients in food processor and and blend with s-blade about 30 seconds, should be crumbly,dry and chunky but able to be pressed and stick together. Sometimes I have to add a few more dates for stick power.
Press into a small pan and place in freezer.

Now for the icing….. Oh yeah!
1/4-1/3 c each coconut oil, agave nectar, and cacao powder
with optional dash of sea salt and splash of vanilla extract
Whisk with fork until very smooth. Pour over brownies. Place in freezer until icing is set.
Cut into very small pieces and store in freezer. They can be served at room temp or from fridge but will be much more gooey.
The “dough” can also be rolled into balls and rolled in shredded coconut or chopped nuts or cinnamon. Use your imagination. These make a very elegant dessert garnished with strawberries just before the icing is set. Of course if you do this, store in fridge, so as not to freeze strawberries.

Enjoy guiltlessly! 🙂


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